Hi guys! I’m Hannah K, a writer with a passion for serving God and working with troubled kids. I started my first novel as a 16-year-old living in Xiamen, China. Paris of London was the story of a boy who raised himself on the streets of Edwardian London, and returned as a young man to minister to the street kids. I worked on Paris of London for over two years, completed the book (and the musical the book was based on), and was serious about trying to get it published. But as I learned more about the craft of writing, huge, gaping problems began to appear in my book (e.g. it had no plot). I knew it needed tons of editing, and after two years of almost-daily work on it I was getting a little burned out.

Enter Marty’s Kid, my second novel, telling the story of a teen who grew up with a drug dealer, how he encounters the love of Jesus, and his struggle to believe amid the darkness and evil of the criminal gangs he’s involved in. Believe it or not, Marty’s Kid is based on a character I came up with years before Paris–and when I wrote the first words of the book it was like speaking for the first time to someone I had seen and loved from a distance for decades.

Will I ever go back to Paris of London, try to publish it? I hope so. But more than that, Paris of London, and my character Paris, encapsulate my first step into the world of writing, of at-risk children, and of letting God guide my heart into his ways. Through Paris, I discovered my inspiration, my dream, my calling. Paris was my first love. And he led me to God.

8 thoughts on “About Hannah K

  1. Thank you, Mama! Thanks for being interested in my work, even though I sometimes bore you when I go on and on about character traits and plotting and revising and the history of WWI!


      1. I hope to get my WIP done sometime soon.
        Maybe this summer i can tackle it, full force. Let’s hope I’m not sick like last summer. Sheesh.
        You are truly amazing, Hannah. 🙂
        Keep up the wonderful work that you’ve started. Marty’s kid and Paris of London are really going to be touching.
        Try and Try again. ❤


      2. Thank you! I hope you can get your book done too. Trying and trying again is how I did it. It isn’t easy, but if you love what you’re doing it’s totally worth it!


    1. Thanks Jonathan! I love writing meaningful stories (with a little action thrown in… 🙂 ), and I’m so excited I’m finally getting connected with people like you who want to do the same! The little snippet that I read of your book sounded great–took me in right away! Keep up the good work! 🙂


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