If you’re familiar with the NaNoWriMo, you know it’s a lot easier to spell than it is to say. And if you can’t say it you just end up spelling it out. “National Novel Writing Month”.  Well, July is Camp National Novel Writing Month (the official one is in November). I heard about it on July 1 (the day it started), and by the end of the day I had decided to do it.

I went around to friends and family taking a poll. Because I knew I wanted to write a novel in a month, but I wasn’t sure which one. The options? Three stories I have been wanting to write. What do you think? Here they are with their working titles.

Book #1: God’s Kid
When his uncle Marty goes on the run, 16-year-old Connor is forced to move in with his mentally-unstable mom in San Diego. Trying to understand his relationship with a woman who’s always rejected him, Connor begins to unravel a mystery that will send him and a handicapped child on a harrowing road trip across the United States in search for answers.
(A sequel to Marty’s Kid, the book I am currently trying to publish)

Book #2: Paris of London 
(Lol, you wondered why that was the name of this blog!)
Struggling to keep himself and his sister alive on the streets of WWI-era London, Paris accepts a job running messages for a shady man. By the time he realizes the spy organization he has entangled himself in, Paris has gone starry-eyed over a beautiful rich girl named Melody, whose father is influential in both politics and crime. As his job becomes more dangerous, his relationship with Melody gets more complicated, and his homeless friends begin calling him a traitor. Will Paris find a way out of the maze of fear and crime, to find a home with those he loves?
(This is more of a romance, a rewrite of a book and musical I wrote several years ago.)

Book #3: Zian’s Story
He’s a ghost child. The seventh child of poor farmers, non-existent in the eyes of the strict Chinese government and their famous one-child policy. She’s an American high schooler, sneaking around mountain villages at night, dropping Scripture booklets on doorsteps. In a twist of providence, he meets her and they are thrown together on a journey of harsh reality, danger, and love.
(I don’t know if this is a romance, adventure, mystery, or what–it’s a pretty recent idea based on some of my own experiences in China (plus imagination!))

Survey says…?

Well, the poll I took indicated Paris of London as the winner, so that’s the one I started. Honestly, I’d like to see all of these ideas as books someday, and I hope you feel the same! Which one is your favorite? And let me know if you are participating in Camp NaNo-Whatever it’s called, so we can encourage each other!

Remember today is a gift from God, you are a gift from God, and don’t forget to use those gifts God gave you!

Signing off!

Hannah K


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