Making a Movie


Hello again, friends!

My 6 little siblings (ages 5 to 12) decided to make a movie. I got wind of it, and finding they already had come up with a plot (I hate plotting), I said, “Hey, do you need someone to write the screenplay?” Of course they did. (Actually they never thought of having a screenplay for their movie.) But anxious to use my cool screenplay software (Final Draft), I sat down and whipped up a few pages for them. It was hilarious fun to have little kids hanging over my shoulder, absolutely holding their breath to see what the evil horse rustler would say next, and bursting out in laughter at my (pitiful) attempts at humor.

They were very serious about this movie. Carried their scripts around and practiced every day. Finally the day of the shoot came, and they rooted through the house looking for Wild-West-era costumes and shoes other than sneakers. I lent them my boots, my skirt, my hat, my new vintage shirt (*wince*), my favorite blanket (for a shawl), my eyepatch (I’ve been saving for a rainy day), and a silk scarf I bought in Beijing. Yes, I was seriously invested in this film.


It was my 5-year-old brother Isaac’s acting debut. He had fun getting into costume and playing the part of a little boy who witnesses a kidnapping and runs to the police with the news. With a lot of coaching, he performed pretty well. And hey, when you’re that cute, audiences are forgiving, right? 🙂 If I can get the rights I’ll post a link to the finished film so you can enjoy it. 😀

If you are very bored, check out some of the little films I made with my siblings when were little (see, with no TV or video games, kids get creative). Wealth is Worthless, based on a verse in Proverbs, was made in one afternoon when we lived in China. After that we did a big film twist of Oliver Twist, called An Olivia Twist. I wrote the screenplay for that one too, but unfortunately we never quite finished filming it.

In my brother’s newest film, War Movie, I appear only as a dead soldier lying on the battlefield. Actually that was my favorite role of any I’ve played in a movie. (You won’t see me in the trailer because I’m in the climactic shot!)

This is random, I know, but ah… the joys of summer! Ever been in a film or made one? Or wanted to write for one? Let me know in the comments!

Good chatting with you all! See you again soon!
Hannah K

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  1. GOOD GRAVY! You guys are so creative! ❤

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    1. Amazing work, by the way!

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