My baby is growing up too fast! Yes, really. Yesterday was Connor’s 15th birthday, and one year since I sat down at my desk to write his story. I was frightened. I knew that once those first words were on the page I would never look back.

No one will ever read this. No one will ever…
I couldn’t lie to myself. I knew people would read it. It was a story I had to share–once it was there, on paper, it would go places I never dreamed.
Come on. Start writing!

I did. And one year later, I think of it as one of the most amazing days of my life. Marty’s Kid, this simple story of a hardened 14-year-old who encounters the love of Christ, has led me on a journey more wild and wonderful than anything I could have imagined.
And the journey’s not over. As I forge ahead through the 4th draft, I am filled with hope for this book’s future–a future that might be just around the corner.

Let me glace at my document. Created August 29, 2016 at 17:43.
275 pages.
82,626 words.
Approximately 33,000 minutes of editing time.
Which is 559 hours–over 23 days of my life.
All in one year’s time.

Don’t say I’m obsessed. Say my characters captivate me.

And pray that they captivate someone else someday.


You keep me going, people! Wish Connor a Happy Birthday, and come again sometime!


14 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Connor!

  1. Thanks for sharing, Hannah! And Happy Birthday, Connor! I really enjoyed re-reading the 1st excerpt and reading the 2nd one for the first time! Keep up the great work, Hannah! And keep living the adventure that God has given you! 🙂

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  2. Hannah! I was hoping the chapter would go on forever. This was amazing and I enjoyed reading it very much. 😉
    I hope I get to read more. I’m totally hooked now, so the more the merrier! lol
    God Bless, and know that you’re gifted! ❤

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      1. Connor says thanks, and wonders if maybe he could take you out for a cream soda sometime.
        (My apologies for his bluntness. He’s gets kind of desperate, and has this thing for cream soda.)


      1. Your comment made me laugh so much. lol Tell Connor he’s welcome to take me out for cream soda anytime, and that he has very good tastes. *Sometimes being straightforward is the only way to go. lol*
        I remember when we had talked before, you had told me the plot. I loved it and couldn’t wait to read what you wrote. What I’ve read was amazing, so keep doing what you’re doing. 🙂
        Hashem yevarech otha.

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      1. That’s cool. 🙂 I’m glad it was helpful to you!
        Your novel has hooked me since the very beginning and I’m itching to read more. lol If you decide that you’d like more beta readers, don’t hesitate to ask. If you’d like, that is. I’m always open to read more of Connor’s story. 😉

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