This news comes a little late! But I was thrilled to have a short paragraph that I wrote published in the February issue of Writer’s Digest. The article, called “Put Your Workday To Work”, included comments from many different people about how their day job influences and inspires their writing. The pictures here are pretty poor, so here’s the text of what was published–

Every morning I serve as an assistant brain therapist for my 11-year-old brother. Pre-adoption trauma plus developmental delays plus attention deficit disorder plus reactive attachment disorder plus oppositional defiant disorder equals a difficult job, but one that gives me constant inspiration, especially as my stories often center around at-risk, challenged kids. What must it be like to be a traumatized child, blinded to logic by fear, a slave to your own contradictory emotions? That begs to be explored on paper.

And speaking of stories about traumatized children… I am excited to tell you that I finished the third draft of Marty’s Kid this week, and finally feel like I can move forward with seeking publication. Lord willing, I will be attending the Colorado Christian Writer’s Conference in May, pitch the book to agents and editors, and see if there is any interest. I’ve been working on my synopsis and first 12 pages to send in for two paid critiques. Of course there are the ups and downs of emotions as I wonder, Is this any good? Is my writing immature? Are my hopes for this book too high? I’m hoping God gives me the grace to accept whatever may come of it, and no matter what, to keep glorifying him with my writing and everything else I do!

Here is the short description of the book:

At 14 years old, Connor has already had years of experience working with gangs–his uncle Marty is a gang underboss. But on Christmas Eve, Connor finds a scrap of paper in his lap telling him that Jesus loves him, and through it he begins a difficult journey of searching for something he has never had, something he doesn’t even understand. He wants someone to look at him, listen to him, treat him like he exists–if he can’t get that he doesn’t want to live anymore. But he’s still a gangster’s kid. And an underworld enemy stalking not only his uncle, but him, is sucking him deeper into a darkness of fear and hatred.

My very talented sister Elisabeth agreed to craft a drawing of the main character, Connor!
In the works…


And the finished drawing! (the best the scanner can do)


Thanks everyone for reading and encouraging me! What do you think of Marty’s Kid? And how about that artist?! When I lament over my own stick figures, I have to remind myself that I draw my people with words.

17 responses to “News…”

  1. Beautifully said, Hannah – thanks for all your hard work


  2. Wow! That’s awesome! I’ll be praying as you look to get your book published!


    1. Thank you both! I would really appreciate prayer. 🙂

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  3. That drawing is AWESOME!!!! I really liked the book and this drawing, portrays Connor in a WONDERFUL way!!


    1. Thanks! I’ll make sure to tell Elisabeth. (And wait till you see the next draft. 🙂 Thanks to everyone’s feedback I think it has improved a lot!)


  4. Your book sounds very interesting! (And that picture is totally cool! I can’t draw either, but writing is definitely a powerful tool too!)


    1. Thanks! And thank you for reading. 🙂


  5. I can’t WAIT to read your books!!!! They sound so amazing…. ❤
    Oh my goodness, your sister is an AMAZING artist. I draw, but realistic people (especially their faces) are super hard for me. lol


    1. I went back and read some earlier snippets, and they’re so good…. *cries* 😥
      I seriously need to read them!!!! I’m a crazy book person. 😀 xD


    2. Thank you! Yes, I think faces are the hardest part, but Elisabeth just sits down and whips it up!


      1. You’re welcome! ;D
        HOW DOES SHE DO IT?!?!?! 😮
        The only faces that I can do “easily” are anime. lol 😛


  6. Wow! That sketch is amazing! Your sister did a wonderful job!
    Marty’s Kid is definitely one of my favorites. Just your summary made it my fav! Lol
    I agree, I’m horrid at drawing people, but I use words instead.
    Okay, this might be weird, but are you from England? I’m so sorry if that’s wrong, but I’ve been wondering that for a while.
    I’ve always wanted to go to London, but I’m scared of planes. Neh.


    1. Thank you!
      No, I’m not from England, but I’ve always loved it (probably because I read so many classics!). I went to England (and Europe) for the first time last May, and I can’t wait to visit again. Don’t be scared of planes–they are way safer than cars, look up the statistics. My dad is a pilot so I’ve been flying (sometimes behind the controls!) my entire life. The sky is your friend–try it–you get closer to God. 😉 No, I understand. I’m scared of sailing.


      1. Really!?!?!?!! That’s so cool! 😮
        I’ve always been afraid of planes, too, so….. Yeah. I have teensy-weensy fear of highs…. DON’T TELL. lol :’) 😛


      2. Aww… Heights are fun! I won’t tell. 😉


      3. Your welcome!
        Just thought I’d ask! I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go to England. It’s been my dream.
        Wow, you went?! Lucky you. What was it like?
        Safer than cars? Seriously! That’s amazing….I feel better than before. ; )
        When I was little, I always wanted to be in a plane and just fly, but over the years, and hearing about crashes, I had gotten suspicious. Now, I’m excited. Your Dad’s a pilot?! That must be exciting! Behind the controls? I mean, I’ve steered my Dad’s truck when he needed to do something,and that was nerve racking to me. You’re brave. Lol
        I hate sailing. I mean the beach and where the water meets sand is as far as I’ll go. Unless I’m certain that I’m safe, then I’d like to keep myself away from the sea. Lol


      4. England was classic–almost just like I’d imagined it in almost every way. So much that the first night, when my brother and I were weaving through a bunch of drunks trying to get to the right metro station, and a young English guy went to help me carry my bags up the stairs, I almost freaked out. Because I was living Oliver Twist in my head and thought, no, this guy’s a pickpocket! (He wasn’t, he was being a gentleman, but that’s how much I felt like I was in a book, being there in England!)
        My dad’s a very good pilot. The only accident he ever had was a sailing accident (thankfully I was not in it), but that could be what scares me. 🙂 But he’s been flying for 30+ years (some with the Air Force), and I love flying with him. (Although I’m more into taking pictures and navigating than actually flying.)


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