A lot has happened since I wrote last. Slowly, but things have happened. I just finished my detailed editing/re-writing of Part 1. Yay! Since Part 1 is 50% of the book, and I feel very happy with the changes that I have made. Another ‘yay’ moment–when I realized that, half-way through the editing process, I’ve reduced a 600 page manuscript to 359 pages, and 220,000 words has been trimmed down to 145,000 words. My goal so far has been 150,000 words, and now that I’ve passed that (with the help of a little creative inspiration), my new goal is 100,000 to 110,000 words. This is because it is usually hard for a first-time author to get a contract on a book longer than 120,000 words, especially in the genre I hope to be published in (YA Fiction). If you’re one of those authors who struggle to write a 50,000 word book, please write me, I will be glad to give you some words. 🙂

Another school week tomorrow, more opportunities to write! Don’t get impatient… I am working hard!


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