I won’t bore you with the dull details of the process of editing: the slow, perplexing, I’m-getting-nowhere sessions, and the brief (very welcome) periods where I think, I’ve got something here! I don’t even allow myself to consider dropping the whole thing, or publishing an e-book just how it is, because that’s not what I want. You’ve worked too hard, I tell myself. And then I open up to one of my favorite chapters, and read, and so enjoy myself that I say, This isn’t bad, Hannah. Don’t let this go.

No, I’m not giving up. But I will confess I haven’t been diligently editing in all the time since I posted last. First, a three-week family trip to the east, and a one-week Bible conference–which were good for me. My conclusion: It’s good to get away, because it makes you more eager to come back. I was eager to get back: I missed my characters so badly! But when I got back, my writing time had to be shared with school and other projects I’d committed to. (No script for the Thanksgiving play? No problem, Hannah can write something up. What? You said you would. I did?! I’m thankful I got out of that one.) One project was (is) a short spin-off book of sorts, with some of the characters from Paris of London, only it was for my little sister’s birthday, so no blood, billy clubs, or romance (to her disappointment). Called Assembling a Family–we’ll see if it’s any good; if not, you won’t hear anything more of it. 🙂

Now, Mercy (my editor) and I are hopefully going to get things moving a little faster. I’ve submitted to her my list of things I think need to be changed right off the bat, some as statements, and some with multiple question marks after them. She’s going to add to my list :/ (we’ll see how long it gets), and send it back. Then we’re buckling down.


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