This is more exciting than taking the SAT (which I did this morning). Okay, so it’s not a published print, but it’s a start! Yes, this is the first time I’ve printed more than two pages of my book. No, I didn’t print it all. I decided to start with Part 1, but that was 300 pages, so I only printed Chapters 1 thru 20 and the table of contents.

It’s my new editing strategy–since I’ve had almost zero motivation to get on the computer and open my book, and when I do, my mind draws blank, or draws so many edits that I have a mental breakdown. Well, that certainly didn’t work. I have noticed that I like working with a pencil and paper better when it comes to editing. We’ll see how it works. 🙂 I have gathered my pens and created a color-coded system for edits (Narration–blue, Characters–purple, etc.). I’m sure my right-brained friends will laugh at my organized, left-brained mind, but having a system for everything is very logical and useful. Unfortunately, I don’t have a system for how to quickly trim and magically revise my 600 pages into a book. I don’t know if any writer does. Tell me if you have any ideas!


3 thoughts on “A Happy Writer with a First Print!

  1. I love writing on the computer. Pen and paper are just too slow for the speed of the mind. But editing … different story. I want the copy printed out doubled spaced so there’s room to write comments and changes. I edit with a red pen so I can see where to make changes easily when I go back to the computer.

    I once worked at an office where one of the writers printed out the copy single spaced and then wrote in teeny-tiny writing on the white parts of the paper. It was excruciating to re-type! I suggested double-spacing (and was actually chastised by the office manager for making the suggestion!), but it did no good. I guess that person’s mind worked better that way, but it was hell for a secretary.

    Anyway … words are just different when they are printed out. You will see things you don’t see on the screen and I think it will make you a better editor.


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