I am very hesitant to post any of my poetry, or my feeble attempts at it, but as some of it appears in the book (in the form of ‘folk’ songs), I suppose I can give you a taste. Tell me if you like it! Maybe I’ll post some of the songs sometime. All they lack is catchy scores (any composers out there…?) 🙂

Here is my first ever triolet (with help from Gail Carson Levine’s new book, Writer to Writer)– written from the perspective of Paris:

City Streets
by Hannah K

I love you, city streets.
You I only, always trust.
Cold and hard your pavement greets—
I love you city streets.
Just the same the coppers beats
I know, unfeeling, distant, just
I love you, city streets.
You I only, always trust.

Of course, poetry is… well, more poetic than prose, so you won’t find anything like that in the book! This next one, however, is taken from a scene in the last chapter, when Paris is holding his baby daughter, looking into her eyes. It is supposed to be an Italian sonnet, although I discovered later that I broke the stanzas at the wrong place. Oh, well!

Bright Eyes

Where did you get those bright eyes,
My darling, pure as the virgin snow,
And soft as the fading grass below?
Did you pluck them out of the skies,
Or mine the jewels of a hundred hillsides?
Or borrow the brilliance of gold, your foe,
To add to your beauty that priceless glow?

Among joyous fathers I win the prize,
For none arm but mine has held you near,
Felt your velvety skin or the silk of your hair.
None thanks God so oft’ he’s desired, and found you,
Kept you, and kissed you, and carried you here.
For no other child has this treasure to share—
Gift of the Maker, bright eyes and blue.

Again, poetry for the sake of poetry. If I caught Paris talking like that in real life, I’d probably pass out.


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